Friday, July 01, 2011

Friday’s R 4 Fun

Here’s what I found this week, optical illusions. I have always been impressed with things that change appearance based upon your personal perspective.

Man on bottleHere’s a picture of a man standing on a bottle of water. I think it’s kind of cute and fun.

                      MoonWe often hear people talk about the man in the moon, but no one said anything about him playing sports.

       This one is a little strange. You either see a woman putting on her make-up. Or you see a skull.      woman skull

strange menThese men wear what is really not clothing.

                  landscape faceI thought this one was really wild. It isn’t a drawing of a man’s head.

In looking at the way these pictures play tricks with your eyes and mind, I know there’s a moral in there somewhere. But that’s for you to determine.

Have a great day. See you next Friday!

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