Friday, July 15, 2011

Fridays R 4 Fun

                 pointy shoesLast week LynNerd asked about pictures of strange shoes. I had no idea how footwear could be so extraordinary. So, let’s begin our tour through the shoe department. I will start with the more mundane.  beach shoeThis one is perfect for the beach. beer shoeThis one’s ideal for your next BYOB party. man shoe A novel way to bring a date. But what if you can’t get out?computer shoeTake your work with you. Never worry again about being mugged.gun shoe Maybe you’re not the gun type. spike shoe Worried about leaving the kitty home alone?cat back shoeOr maybe you’d prefer to go shoeless. There are many options
bare foot shoes but be sure to get a pedicureugly barefoot shoe  There’s always the barely-there shoe or thesestrange snake skin shoe Need more support? Try these.toe shoe    Do you remember the go-go boot? They were cute and you could dance in them. I doubt if these are for dancing.weird boots.

This concludes our tour. Any ideas for next week?

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