Friday, February 14, 2014

Introducing...Between the Lines! A different kind of newsletter.

Here's what we've all been waiting newsletter. It's a different kind of newsletter. One that's fun and very friendly to my readers.

Every month a new installment will be available for viewing on YouTube or in your email inbox. And here's the cool part. You can interact with Soji. Ask her anything you want to know about my books, the characters in them, my writing process, or me. All you have to do is leave your questions in the comments, send her a tweet @SojiBTL or text her on WeChat:SojiBetweentheLines. Or, you could drop Soji a line on my author page on Facebook.

So here's your chance to find out how it all gets started.

To receive this great new newsletter, just sign up here, on my author page, or subscribe to my YouTube channel. Let's have great fun together.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Warrior of the Egyptian Kingdom is LIVE

Yes! The newest installment of the PRINCESS KANDAKE series, Warrior of the Egyptian Kingdom, is LIVE! You can purchase your very own copy of book #3 NOW!

Warrior of the Egyptian Kingdom
Princess Kandake, youngest child of King Amani and heir to the throne of Nubia, has determined to continue her warrior training, but that is not the only thing that complicates her 14 year old life.

When the king receives a dispatch from Pharaoh Nakhtnebef of Egypt, Kandake is sent to find out why the pharaoh would need Nubia’s warriors to remain in Egypt any longer and why he has included a secret symbol within his message—help.

In Egypt, Kandake discovers treachery and a poisoned pharaoh, the identity of the bandits that attacked Nubia’s caravans, a Nubian orphan, and that Kandake may be Sakhmet—the Egyptian goddess of war.