Monday, September 30, 2013

Eureka! Success!

Could it get any better...the contest has a winner and the book now has a title! I am super excited, not to mention  relieved. So here it is:

of the 
Egyptian Kingdom

Great thanks to contest winner and title creator: 
Carrie Malinowski

The more I look at it the more I love it. It's perfect. It encapsulates every plot point of the novel. Did I say I love it? Well, I do! So Carrie, you get the first peek at the cover and an advanced copy of book #3 of the PRINCESS KANDAKE series due to be released February 1, 2014. Oh and don't forget, you will also have a huge mention in the acknowledgements of that book! Thank you so much.

Allow me to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who contributed their wonderful ideas to this quest for a title. Let me tell you that I was truly stuck. I couldn't come up with a single working idea and all of you had some really great ones! I can't thank you enough. You saved my bacon.

Whew! I can finally move on to selecting photos for the over. I guess I could have done that before now, but every time I opened that file I kept thinking, "what if this doesn't reflect the title?" So now there's nothing getting in my way. Once I get the pictures sent to the cover designer I can focus on something marketing.

For me this is the most difficult part of being an author telling everyone far and wide that I have a new book out and would you please buy it. I have to come up with inventive ways to get you to fall in love with the story before you read a single word and at the same time not seem like I'm begging or nagging. So if you have any suggestions on that, I'll gladly accept those, as well.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


As an author, I am often asked, "What inspires you to write?" The answer to that is both simple and complex. I am motivated by many things. It could be something as small as an insect crawling on the ground, a cloud formation, or an emotion that was aroused within me.

As many of you may know, the PRINCESS KANDAKE series was inspired by my granddaughter. She wanted to be a princess and because I really have no tolerance for the messages of the typical princess stories, I felt compelled to create a a totally different kind of princess. A story where the people are not surprised by the strength of her character or her determination and independence. But this is a post about inspiration, let me get back to that.

I recently watched a movie on television called The Magic of Belle Isle. I highly recommend it. The plot was fairly straightforward and well-acted about a struggling author and recently divorced mom. It was beautiful! It called to the story within me! It begged for me to write.

There have been many movies, books, or situations that have had this effect upon me. I am not sure how to explain it other than to say that something awakens within me and a story is born. It's like a feeling of the fantastic, a yearning that must be expressed, the groaning of something yet to be given birth. In simpler terms, my creativity has been quickened and I must write, yet again.

The story I develop must be one that has appeal for my audience: action, struggles, light romance. This is not an easy thing to do. In everything I write, I must consider the age of my audience, being careful not to take them any farther than they are truly ready to go. And because my readers are savvy, intelligent beings, I include a tiny bit of life's wisdom for them to chew on. I add something they can take away from the story that they can apply to their lives. This is regardless of whether the tale takes place in modern day, the ancient past, or far in the future. Honestly, sometimes that bit of wisdom is what can inspire a story.

So now I am writing a story about one of the characters in my PRINCESS KANDAKE series. I am not quite sure where it is leading, but I will follow wherever the character takes me and tell the story he lays before me. But I will tell you a tiny secret...the inspiration for this story is supporting others while building a life of your own and what that looks like when romance enters the picture.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Celebrating Teachers and Librarians!

Attention teachers and librarians! The Emblazoner's New Catalog - filled with great middle grade and tween titles your students and patrons will love - is coming soon! To celebrate, we're holding a giveaway of stuff you can use: gift cards to add books to your collection and swag to hand out to your students and patrons. swag giveaway SWAG BagGrand Prizes (2): $15 Amazon Gift cards (to add a book to your library) + SWAG Bags Less Grand But Still Auspicious Prizes (8): SWAG Bags (bookmarks, collector's cards, etc. to give away to your students/patrons) Note: Signing up for the catalog is required for entry. Winners must reside in the United States or Canada. You must be a teacher or librarian to win. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

New Birth

Whenever a family is expecting a new member, the parents struggle to find the perfect name. The birth of a new novel is no different. The newest member of the PRINCESS KANDAKE family needs a name.

As with many new babies, the parents ask family members for their suggestions and ideas about naming this precious one. As the parent of the PRINCESS KANDAKE series I am following that same path. I am asking for all of the members of the PRINCESS KANDAKE family to contribute. Here is what the newest member looks like:

Princess Kandake, youngest child of King Amani and heir to the throne of Nubia, has determined to continue her warrior training, but that is not the only thing that complicates her 14 year old life. 
When the king receives a dispatch from Pharaoh Nakhtnebef of Egypt, Kandake is sent to find out why the pharaoh would need Nubia’s warriors to remain in that kingdom and why he has included a secret symbol within his message—help.
In Egypt Kandake discovers treachery and a poisoned pharaoh, the identity of the bandits that attacked their caravans, a Nubian orphan, and that she may be Sakhmet, the Egyptian goddess of war.
 Of course there is always a special gift for the family member that comes up with the perfect name. Besides the honor of naming the baby you will receive a huge mention in the acknowledgements of book #3, get an advanced peek of the book cover, and receive a signed copy of book #3 before it's release date of February 1, 2014!

In case you're wondering what the siblings are like, here's a free digital copy of the firstborn, PRINCESS KANDAKE: Warrior by Choice...Appointed to Rule. Use coupon code BH24M

Just list your suggestions in the comments. You have until September 29, 2013 to list as many ideas as you can! The baby is waiting...