Friday, July 29, 2011

Fridays R 4 Fun

cartoon carToday I thought I’d hold a car show. Not one with the usual sedans and sports cars, but the truly different car.
Where to begin? How about I start with home. Looking for that new couch or overstuffed chair for your living room. These two pieces of furniture make sure you get there in comfort. couch car  chair car  It gives new meaning to ‘couch potato.’
Before you start up that DVD you’ve been dying to watch, you realize you need something from the market. You slip on your shoes and head to the store, in your shoe shoe car. When you get there you find that the parking space you want has a shopping cart blocking your way. shopping cart car Remember, you’re trying to eat only healthy snacks. How about a banana? banana car  That’s really a good choice, because if you misplace your dentures you can still eat it. But don’t worry, here they are.teeth car
Later you decide it would be better to go out for entertainment. You don’t need tickets for the local theater, they have open seating. open seating car What to choose…should you pick a pirate movie?skull car Nah, you’ve got the kids with you. There’s that movie about mutant turtles.turtle car Or you could watch that film about so many miles under the ocean and all of the strange things you can find there.capt nemo car
On your way, you remember you promised to visit Grandpa. You turn around head down his street and there he is, waiting for you in his new hover chair.hover chair on steroids Your dad was always a bit of a roadster.

You have dinner together. It’s time for dessert. Grandpa says he forgot to pick up ice cream while he was at the store and volunteers to go get some. You tell him it’s too late to go out by himself, after all the neighborhood has changed and not for the better.
He tells you that’s not a problem and invites you out to the garage to see his new motor car
That concludes the show for the evening. Please come back next week for sights of the strange and different.

Oh, BTW Sunday I’ll be interviewing a great, upcoming YA author, Angelina C. Hansen. Be sure to stop by and get acquainted. See you there.

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