Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Coming Together

I have been working like a...well let's just say that I've been working really hard. I found myself seriously behind schedule on the manuscript for the third PRINCESS KANDAKE novel and my fingers have been flying across the keyboard ever since. Not to worry, I'll make my deadline. You'll have book #3 on schedule, February 1, 2014!

I told you at my last posting that I had started a creative writing course for kids and that is going very well. I am totally stunned (in a really good way) at their level f creativity. In this week's session we're utilizing a brainstorming device for finding story ideas and then creating a story-line from these ideas. Oh my gosh! What a blast that was. Their ideas were flying around the room so fast that getting them all down was a challenge. You should have heard some of them. These are some talented kids!

Next month I'm forming a book club with some very special ladies. Per their request, we are beginning with book #1 of the PRINCESS KANDAKE series. Yes! they actually asked that the first book we discuss be PRINCESS KANDAKE: Warrior by Choice...Appointed to Rule. Okay, I am seriously stoked and over the moon! Of course we'll be using the print editions, but if you're interested you can find the digital editions here.

These are the main projects that I'm working on. Apart from attending book fairs and school visits, I don't have room in my schedule to take on anything else. I know, I know, I've said that before, but I really mean it this time! ...I think

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Busy and Loving it!

creative writing logoThings are really moving around here! This week I launched Creative Writing for Kids. It’s an eight week course teaching kids the basics of story structure.

The first class took place on Monday. That was the 8-11 year old group. OMG! They are awesome! Kids that read are a special breed.

Oops, unintentional rhyming, here. But I like it so I’ll leave it. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll turn it into a slogan for something. Anyway, back to the kids.

Their attention skills are phenomenal and because reading is a regular part of their lives, explaining the essentials of what goes into a story was a breeze. They were able to give examples from books they have read without any struggle. And to top that off, they were able to come with examples of their own! I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying this.

Friday I meet with the 15+ group. Man, am I stoked. I can’t wait to tell you about them.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

My Life is Crazy and Loving It!

full deskYep, I just added one more thing…as if my life wasn’t crazy enough. I recently accepted an opportunity to join a group of ‘Tween writers. Is that awesome or what!?!

Right now there are eleven of us. We’re hoping the group grows to about twenty. We’re calling ourselves Emblazoners. We’re blogging, cross promoting, supporting and encouraging each other, and there’s even an idea or two about a group anthology! I am super excited!

Oh yeah, I’m sure I needed to add one more thing, but how could I let this opportunity pass. I couldn't  I am now officially closed. I am not accepting another thing…well, at least not today.

So off I go to add content to our blog site. It launches July 10th. I’ll be sure to post the URL everywhere.
Oh, by the way, the authors I’m joining…their books are awesome!