Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Confession

children at playThis is my confession. This week my grandchildren came to visit me. We played a few games, read stories, went on outings, and watched several movies.

Work? Well…that’s the confession part. I didn’t get very much work done. I did what any grandmother would do. I spoiled them rotten! The most healthy thing they ate this week was their vitamins. We ate pizza, pop corn, pudding, sandwiches, and drank soda. Their mother limited them to one can of soda per day, so we drank punch and juice.

I did get some writing done but that was after they had gone to bed. Oh yeah, bedtime comes much later at Nana’s house. We’d stay up late at night and sleep late in the morning.

During their stay I introduced them to cartoons from my childhood like Felix the Cat  Felix_the_cat_svg They watched episode after episode and laughed hysterically.
They loved Popeye  Popeye-meets-sindbad My grandson asked if we could buy some spinach so he could get stronger. And what grandmother would deny their babes anything. I bought it, but we never got around to eating it. 
My granddaughter particularly enjoyed the Pink Pantherpink panther and the Incredible Mister Limpet limpet. My grandson thought Inspector Gadget was cool and exciting inspector gadgetLater they alternated watching episodes of Gumby gumby&pokey and speed Racer speed racer.

So that’s my confession. I played with them instead of getting things done that were on my schedule. Oh well…

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