Tuesday, January 28, 2014

An Awesome Read!

People are always complaining that there are no good books for boys. Well folks stop the complaints. Here's a great series. It's clean, action packed, and definitely boy-friendly! Grab two copies...one for yourself and one to giveaway!

Taylor Davis would get stuck with an archenemy that won't stay dead.


Taylor Davis is back, and he just can’t catch a break. Most of his friends only concern themselves with girls and grades, but he has to worry about retaliation from hellish warlords. When three of his classmates succumb to a strange malady, Taylor becomes the target of irrational violence. Is it a coincidence, as Elena so firmly believes? Or could there be a more dangerous explanation? The epidemic soon spreads to national leaders. Taylor and his team are called on to uncover the root of the problem before violence breaks out on a worldwide stage. Their quest leads them to the heart of Africa, to the underworld, and to a second encounter with an enemy who just won’t stay dead. Book two of the Taylor Davis series is now available for Kindle, Nook, and paperback formats.
And book one is now FREE!

TaylorDavis_FlameOfFindul_cover nook

Sometimes life gooses you when you’re not looking. You might be happily coasting through days in a little New Jersey suburb, dreaming about Jennifer Williams and making plans to see the new movie showing uptown when—bam!—everything changes in an instant. Your family moves overseas and suddenly you’re hacking at water demons with a four-foot blade. Taylor Davis didn't want to move to the Caribbean, and he certainly doesn't want save the world. But when he's sucked into a supernatural world of angels and their adversaries, that's exactly what he must do. The Flame of Findul--the sword that guards the Tree of Life--has been allowed to burn out. Taylor and his new teammates must relight it in the forge of Findul the firesmith before the tree falls into the wrong hands. But Findul hasn't been seen for several centuries. And a formidable enemy, one who has eaten of the tree, stands in their way. Free on Amazon and Smashwords!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It's Here!

That's right, it's here! I just received the new cover of book #3 of the PRINCESS KANDAKE series, Warrior of the Egyptian Kingdom. Oh. My. Gosh. Don't you love it? It's absolutely beautiful! I know, I say that with every cover, but it is the truth! Donna Casey hits another home run. She does it every time. this cover is another great work of art. Don't you agree?

This cover whets the appetite for what's inside.

Warrior of the Egyptian Kingdom
Princess Kandake, youngest child of King Amani and heir to the throne of Nubia, has determined to continue her warrior training, but that is not the only thing that complicates her 14 year old life.

When the king receives a dispatch from Pharaoh Nakhtnebef of Egypt, Kandake is sent to find out why the pharaoh would need Nubia’s warriors to remain in Egypt any longer and why he has included a secret symbol within his message—help.

In Egypt, Kandake discovers treachery and a poisoned pharaoh, the identity of the bandits that attacked Nubia’s caravans, a Nubian orphan, and that Kandake may be Sakhmet—the Egyptian goddess of war.

So now your next question, when will it be available? Your wait is almost over. Warrior of the Egyptian Kingdom will be available new month. Yes...February, 2014. You will be able to purchase it in print or as an ebook.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Silent but Working

I know I've been pretty silent over the holidays, but I've been working really hard. I've recently decided to publish a newsletter. I know, there are so many out there, but I want mine to be different. Really different. So I'm focusing on its construction and plan for the future.

These are a few of the things that it must include:
1. It must be flexible so that it addresses my total readership -   Tweens and adults.
2. It must be entertaining and informative.
3. It has to keep everyone up to date on what I'm doing (as much or as little as folks would want to  know)
4. It will announce the dawning of new books and new book series by me.
5. It will give the inside scoop on the characters of my books.
6. Most importantly, it will provide a way for my readers to interact with me.

What a big bill to fill, but if I do it right it's totally doable. I'm completely stoked and ready to dive in. I'll keep you posted. As soon as it's ready to launch, you'll be among the first to know!