Monday, July 25, 2011

Almost There!

Progress bar 70This progress bar depicts how far I have come in the making of the costume for the cover of my book. It says that I am at least 70% complete. I’ve been working all weekend, which made this post late.

If you recall, the book takes place in ancient Nubia. The main character, Kandake, is a warrior. The model that represents Kandake will be clad in breastplate and sarong.

The breastplate is being made from calf-skin leather. Here are the stages: It started with my wrapping Makeda in duct tape.makeda tape 5 Whis resulted in this shellCIMG1054 I it covered with a plaster wrap and filled it with plaster to add strength to the form CIMG1078 You see it here wrapped in plastic, prepared for the leather.  Here is a picture of the entire calf skin.  038 In this next photo, it has been cut and stitched to it’s basic shape. CIMG1072 It is now soaking in a tub of water, softening 014 (2) It will be stretched, molded, and dried over the form above.

The sarong began as a length of fabric. I altered the color slightly. CIMG1074As you can see, it’s been stitched, stamped, and painted. Here is a close up view of the detail CIMG1075 All that’s left is to add a few beads.

See, I’ve not been slackin’, I’ve been very busy.

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