Wednesday, August 03, 2011

I Have Decided!

4th of julyThanks to all of you for your help. I have decided on the title. I never thought naming the book could be so difficult. Here’s the list of  the titles you proposed. This is what was submitted in the comments.

The Reluctant Princess                 Her Own Terms
The Princess Warrior                    Born to Rule
The Princess Way                          Strong Hands, Royal Blood
What Your Heart Tells You          Kandake: A Warrior Princess
Kandake Saves the Kingdom        Warrior by Choice, Princess by Blood
Next in Line                                   Kandake: Princess vs. Warrior
Daddy’s Girl                                   Born to War, Raised to Rule        
Bow to Me                                     Not Your Average Nubian Princess
Born to War, Raised to Rule         Kandake: Princess Warrior of Nubia
Warrior Princess                            Princess Kandake: Warrior of Nubia
Nubian Warrior Princess     
The Princess Who Didn’t Want to be Queen

From the list, you can see that I combined several of your suggestions in the title. And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for. Drum roll, please….

PRINCESS KANDAKE  Warrior by Choice, Appointed to Rule!

Thank you all, again. Now on to the next step.

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