Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Found a Great Book

zoe winters I found this great reference book for all of us that are striving to become Indie Authors. It is awesome!

Not only does it have all of the information you need, it’s a really good read. Zoe Winters describes the process in detail. Her presentation of the material is such that you can see the options available. She explains it clearly enough for me to make and ‘informed’ choice.

For instance, I always knew that I needed a business plan. I researched it in detail and reviewed the process countless times. Each time I came away more and more confused. I now have a ‘working’ business plan and that’s after reading her chapter on the process ONE time. Zoe, you ROCK!!! And that’s only a small part of her book.

I purchased it from Smashwords, but it’s available in Kindle and several other forms. It is a must read! And it’s a bargain…only $4.99!

This book is worth so much more. So get off this blog and order it now. You will not be sorry.

Zoe, if you read this, I want you to know I Tweeted about it a couple of days ago and several people ‘following’ me said they’re getting it. Your sales should be through the roof. You earned it! Thanks…thanks…thanks.

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