Sunday, August 07, 2011

Introducing… Princess Kandake

Introducing the curtain For weeks I have been posting about the costume I’ve been working on for the cover model of my upcoming book. I have shared the construction process with you starting with the mold and leading up to the cutting of the lather.
breastplate 001  Here is a picture of the leather being stretched and shaped over the mold.   breastplate 003  This is what it looked like once it dried.  And here is the finished product after it has been dyed and assembled with the straps and fastenings. breastplate 006
Now for the best part. Today I met with the cover model and photographer to shoot pictures to be used in the design. I present to you PRINCESS KANDAKE!

cover model shots 001                                  cover model shots 022
       cover model shots 028
               PRINCESS KANDAKE
             Warrior by Choice, Appointed to rule

A huge thank you to the beautiful and talented Makeda Beck
These are from my camera. the professional photos are much better. I will share those with you once I get the proofs.

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