Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday's R 4 Fun

Yes, there is fun today. I am so sorry I’m late. I had minor (very minor) surgery this morning. Getting prepared for that, everything else slipped my mind. But here it is...
Today’s subject is jewelry! What can be strange or weird about that, you ask? Well…see for yourself.

hair of the dead jewelry We will begin with this piece. Can you see what it’s made from? Yes! That’s hair! Many years ago, when someone dear to you died, it was a ‘tradition/custom’ to make a piece of jewelry from their hair.
I think this is an odd item. ice cube necklace A necklace of ice cubes. Somehow in the old ‘cops and robbers’ movies when the crooks talked about the ‘ice’ I don’t think they had this in mind.
Here’s a gift for the architect in the family. house ring A house ring .  flowerpot ring This one’s for the plant lover. And for the vain woman who wants everyone to know how ‘hot’ she is…thermometer earrings these earrings do the trick. And so everybody will know how sincere you areface jewelry tear drop A tear drop.
From here it gets a little weird. How about a belly button ring. belly button jewwelry Or pendant, if you prefer.
Or a ring of your teeth.teeth-and-hair-jewelry-1 The Tooth Fairy may have a few complaints about this. In that case, use the teeth of someone or something else, if you wishanimal teeth pendant. Or maybe you have a thing for feet. foot earrings Now that’s just too weird.

Okay, that’s the jewelry for today. See you next Friday!

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