Friday, August 26, 2011

Fridays R 4 Fun

Yes, it’s Friday again. That means it’s time for another installment of the strange, weird, or funny. The subject of the day is signs.

 They’re everywhere and they don’t always make sense. I have chosen these few, from among the countless, because they either made me laugh or I thought they were just plain stupid. You decide which is which.

funny signs 1 Do we really need to be told how to go? They think this is directional assistancefunny signs 2 Yet they have no trouble stating the obvious…funny signs 3  Maybe you got confused about thisfunny signs 8  How about this one   funny signs 15 Really? 
This one’s funny, I guess the fact that there’s a Pit Bull in the yard isn’t scary enough. Or maybe our common sense left the building with Elvis funny signs 14 I guess in this case they thought using a little humor would help you think clearly.funny signs 5  Or they could always threaten you with a penalty funny signs 11 Sometimes they provide us with a few helpful hints funny signs 9  this could be helpful, too Warning_Sign_Sea Gulls   Then there are times when signs just don’t make any sense at all. funny signs 13 And what the heck does this one mean? So, if a plane should land on your car it will bounce right off.funny signs 10 Yeah right.

Have a great weekend.

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