Sunday, November 06, 2011

What Kind of Author am I?

library shelvesThis morning as I was reading a great blog post by David Farland from his Daily Kick in the Pants. He asked these questions: What kind of writer do you want to be? Do you want to be considered an entertainer? A prophet who forewarns of political doom? A writer whose work electrifies and binds people together?

It was not hard for me to come up with an answer at all. From almost the beginning of my writing adventure, I’ve known the type of writer I’ve wanted to be. The simplest answer is to say I want to be an entertainer. But it goes beyond that. I want to write the kind of story that the reader gets lost in. What I want to happen when the reader sets the book aside for a much needed bathroom break, they become disoriented because the scene they’ve been caught up in does not match the room that has just appeared.

Bill Spann, an author and engineer I’d connected with years ago, said, “In writing, you want to create the waterfall effect. Take your readers to the very edge and drop them in.” I have never forgotten this advice and am striving toward that mark every day. 

I think I’m almost there. What about you, what kind of author are you?

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