Sunday, November 20, 2011

Trying Something New

20010006As most of you know, I’m launching my novel Princess Kandake during black history month, February, 2012. Trying to gear up for that has brought all kinds of thoughts and ideas to mind. The most important being I have to get serious about my  marketing plans, goals, and platform as a writer. Fortunately for me, I’m taking an on-line course from Bob Mayer and Jen Talty on self-publishing and the options available.

The first part of the course was making us aware that success is about more than writing. Being a successful author is a business and all successful businesses require plans, goals, marketing, and a solid platform. And everything I do must be tied to these four things. So I’m beginning with this blog.

I have clued you in on my journey, but I never told you what got me started in that direction and what keeps me going. (Of course you are a part of that motivation.)

I have the most beautiful granddaughter on the planet. (I know you think yours is, but sorry to say, you are wrong.) She loves to play dress-up. One day she came to me and said, “Nana, I want to be a princess, but they don’t look like me.” She was pointing at a Disney ad. “Where are all the beautiful brown princesses?”

That got me started. I was on the hunt. My daughter (her mother) and I started pointing out every princess of color we could find. We looked everywhere, at every book, poster, and magazine available and even some that weren’t.

It occurred to me that Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, etc. were sitting on the bookshelves of every library and close at hand for anyone to pick up, anyone except my granddaughter. Being who I am, I couldn’t rest until I did something about it and I wanted a story that would not be time-sensitive and could even become a classic. (Why dream if you can’t dream large!) The research began.

I needed someone from history and the further back the better. I hit upon ancient Nubia. Learning of the power and far reaches of this ancient kingdom were perfect! I started with a picture book, but the tale outgrew that format. It is now a Tween novel filled with adventure, action, conflict, and a hint of romance.

I will share a bit of Nubia’s greatness next time. See you then!

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