Friday, November 25, 2011

Fridays R 4 Fun!

Happy day after Thanksgiving!

turkey peeWhile the holiday brings to mind many things to be thankful for, the poor turkey lives in fear and trepidation of the coming of this day.

Many of us sit around the dinner table with family and friends sharing a wonderful meal and enjoying the relationships of those with us. We eat ourselves to over-full and nod off for the rest of the afternoon.

turkey revengeLittle do we know that the turkey is preparing for revenge. Vengence takes the form of forcing us to eat more and more dishes starring this bird for many meals to come lest any of it should go to waste.

turkey club sandwich We start of with the mild and benign turkey club sandwiches. Then move on to the next use of the  the bird, yes the all favoredturkey meatloaf turkey meatloaf. That’s really not so bad. But then we start getting a little creative turkey hash patties turkey hash patties. But this last dish is a new one on me. The thing is frightful and I don’t believe someone came up with it, but here it is…drumroll please…
Yes, you’re actually seeing it…TURKEY CAKE!

Have a great weekend!

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