Friday, November 18, 2011

Fridays R 4 Fun

make up clownWhen I was in high school, I decided it was time to start wearing make up. I know, most girls start wearing it long before then, but I had really strict parents. Anyway, I thought long eye lashes would be great and of course I would need lipstick. But what colors to use.

I started paying attention to the other girls at school to see what they used, thinking that would help me with choices. Well, observing them helped me all right, helped me into deciding I didn’t want to look anything like them.

To this day I rarely wear make up, always afraid of overdoing it, but it still fascinates. I marvel at women who do a wonderful job and try hard not to stare at those who do the opposite. Take a look at what I mean.

make up art  Her make up isn’t really for day wear, but it is attractive in a fantastic sort of way.  make up eye lash feathers   Hers is getting farther out there, clearly for use on the stage. make up pink eyes  This one brings Swan Lake to mind.  make up eyelashes  She looks like she was experimenting with her big sister’s eye liner.   make up eye tattoo  This one wanted a tattoo but didn’t have the nerve for needles.    make up eye shadow And this one belongs in a play meant for children.  
The rest of these are clearly for effect, looks that are designed to make you stare.  make up scary kiss I wonder if she’d still get a kiss good night.    make up third eye  I would have a difficult time maintaining eye contact. I wouldn’t know which eyes to connect with.   make up which face And talk about being two-faced. This last one would make me stare, but instead of thinking “freaky” I’d think “beautiful.”  make up bejeweled

Have a great weekend!

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