Friday, November 11, 2011

Fridays R 4 Fun!

blocksMost kids love building stuff. Whether it’s with blocks, clay, or mud, it doesn’t matter just as long as they can create. When I was a kid there was this gray stuff called modeling clay, Lincoln Logs, tinker Toys, and Erector Sets.

The next generation got Legos.legos Today everybody knows what these are. They were invented to entertain kids. I bet the creators of Legos didn’t think they’d become art or the instrument of philosophical expression.
lego fire Fire! lego snack Food.

lego romanceRomance! lego snatch Captivity. lego man with heaertYearning. lego cool Perspective.

lego oops Helplessness       lego awesome Despair!lego brain crawl I believe they were intended to be the building blocks of thought and imagination.

This is what happens when grown-ups get hold of the toys they wished were around when they were kids.

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