Sunday, November 27, 2011

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20010002Last post I told you the story of why I wrote the novel, Princess Kandake, that will be launched February, 2012. I told you all about my granddaughter and her need for a princess that looked like her and my use of the ancient kingdom of Nubia. So now I will begin to tell you a little bit about that kingdom.

Nubia was know by several names. The more well known names are the Kingdoms of Kush (You can find a few references in the Old Testament) and Nubia. It was located in the area between Egypt and Ethiopia (then called Aksum), what is now called Sudan. Its boundaries shifted depending on what was happening at the time.
nile_nubia But this map can give you a general idea of its position.

Nubia, for most of its existence,  was under self rule, but having a powerful neighbor like Egypt required they maintain respectable defensive skills. These warriors were so good at what they did, Nubia was often referred to as the Ta’ Seti or  Land of the Bow. They were also given the nick name, pupil shooters. A group of warriors, called the Medjay, was hired by Egypt to fight the Hyksos and other enemies. Because of their renown, services of the Medjay were continued through 1144 BC as a sort of police, keeping the peace in Egypt. Even in death Egypt looked to the skill of the Nubian warrior for protection.

medjay militia Here are 40 Nubian archers, painted wood, from the tomb of Prince Mesehti 11th Dynasty, Ancient Egypt.

Now you know where Princess Kandake gets her warrior spirit.

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