Tuesday, December 03, 2013

What Makes Me Happy?

Sometimes people ask me what I would do with the money if I won a lottery. The usual things come to mind: pay off all my bills, buy my dream car, take a trip. But honestly, none of these are the things that make me happy. So if it'snot money, what makes me truly happy? Here's the list.

Enjoying my marriage with my husband of 38 years
Spending an afternoon with our daughter
Laughing and talking with friends
Chattering on and on with our grandchildren
Allowing the grandkids to teach me new things
Reading an engaging/exciting book
Writing a scene that makes me laugh or cry
Reading the Bible and praying
Relaxing in a tub of warm bubbles with a really good book
Listening to my husband's laughter
Watching a beautiful sunset
Listening to the wind rustling through the leaves on a warm evening
Watching puffy clouds move across the sky and naming the shapes they make

These are the things that fill my hear with joy. Not one of them costs a dime, but each is priceless. Just making this list brings a smile to my face. Have you ever thought of the things that fill your heart? Try listing them and see if it makes you smile, too. Would you mind adding a few of them here in the comments? I would love to see what they are.

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