Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sorting Through Ideas

Most of the time I'm trying to figure out which story line to work on next. Lately, though, my mind has been circling around some unique things to do with my books. I have this crazy idea that blends audio books with ebooks. I really think it could work.

These are the days I wish I had majored in information technology in college instead of psychology. Don't get me wrong, I truly enjoyed my career working with and treating children and teens. They are the ones who helped me understand the importance of story and how it plays an integral part of our everyday lives. So I guess I should give them credit for my becoming a writer.

But today, understanding and knowing how to write computer code to create the different applications that I have floating around in my head would really be helpful. And if I can't write the code, it would be helpful if I had tons of money to hire someone else to do it for me.

So here I am without skill or funds. I know I can't be the only one in this position. I'm sure there are others with the same lack who figure out how to get it done. So I will keep sorting through how to accomplish what I want until I get to my goal.

By the way...are there any application builders willing to work for royalties? Just thought I'd ask.

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