Monday, July 02, 2012

Where the Stories Come From

seedlingsSomeone once asked me where I got the ideas for my stories. My response was, everywhere.

I’m an observer of life. I watch everything. I could be in the mall, out in the park, or on a hike and ideas flood into my mind. They come from the people I see, the way clouds float in the sky, or even the way a trash can could be overflowing.

I have recently started a kayaking class. Fortunately for me it takes place in a swimming pool so should I need to make a ‘wet exit’ (escaping from an overturned kayak) I only have to swim as far as the side of the pool.

Well, last week I was sitting in the kayak and my eye caught the way the paddle cut into the water and a story began to form in my mind. What would happen if we could stroke space like that and change the way the stars and planets were aligned?

Then…suppose an entire galaxy was being rearranged and swept away because of a careless being rowing across the universe without caution. How would the others stop him/her/it? Would there be a war? What would be the outcome? Would they be able to put things back where they belong? How?

I’m not quite sure how this story ends, but when I figure it out, it will appear on my website.

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