Friday, July 20, 2012

Fridays R 4 Fun!

 pots & pans on stoveThere are meals, home cooked or otherwise, that make me drool and still others that bring me comfort. But these bits of cuisine make me smile or outright giggle. These are a few!

Puppy Stew This one is cute and still looks tasty! animal face This does too, but I’m not sure what animal it is. Care to guess? It’s pretty clear that these are watermelon.watermelon yell   watermelon man But I don’t know if I’d eat them.  Take a look at this next one. I’m sure I wouldn’t eat it. head on a plate It’s just too weird!
These are funny. No problem eating biteburger
Yep, I’d laugh with every bite. And these are just plain cute.mummy dogs   veggie trailer
And this last one is for my friend Maria Toth. She’d slap this on her table in a heartbeat! skeleton

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