Friday, June 24, 2011

Fridays R 4 Fun

Dragon Cake 
Whimsy and quirkiness, that’s what the world needs more of! I was reading Kristen Lamb’s blog post, Give a Dry Blog New Life - The Power of Themes and realized I could be having a lot more fun. So starting now every Friday I will blog about something that I think is fun, like cakes that make me smile.
purse cakeWho ever would have thought to have a cake that matches your shoes. This one is definitely for the fashionista in all of us. And if you’re going out, you don’t want to forget you make-up bag.

Makke up Cake
baked potato cakeWhat about a cake that looks like a baked potato. 

hot dog cake
A cake that looks like a hot dog.

 Here’s my favorite food, popcorn. I never thought it would come as a cake.
     pop corn cakeThis has to be better than pop corn flavored jelly beans.
wild thing cakeHow about this, a cake of Max and his friends.

                                  cake and cupcakesAnd finally, the cake that looks like cake…well almost.

This was a hoot. I hope it made you smile, too. We’ll see what I find next Friday.

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