Monday, June 13, 2011

Book Cover Process

book coverAs promised here are some pictures of me with the model for my book cover. Her name is Makeda which is a wonderful tie in to my eBook. Makeda is the name that is believed to belong to the Queen of Sheba.

Makeda, my model, is extremely intelligent, beautiful, and reads a mountain of books every week. She is one of my Beta readers and she doesn’t hold back. If she doesn’t like it or something in the book doesn’t work, she has no problem telling me. In fact, her complaint about this book is that she wanted it to be longer. What I love about kids, especially Teens. They tell you the truth. But I digress.

Together, Makeda and I, are making the pattern for Kandake’s breastplate. It all started with a roll of duct tape and a tee shirt.
Wrapping Makeda IMG_1789
Then I wrapped her in the tape, with several layers, in the areas the breastplate would cover. And here we are at the end.Wrapping Makeda IMG_1792

PS Makeda's mother, Vicki, took the pictures.

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