Sunday, May 29, 2011

What’s in a Name

bar chartI have been working fast and furiously trying to get everything ready to launch my new eBook. It occurred to me that I can’t go any farther until I settle on a title for the book.

Here’s where you can help. On the left sidebar is a poll offering you three titles to choose from. Select a title, vote, and then tell me in the comments why you chose that particular one. Or if none of these suit you, write your own in the comments and tell me why this one is better.

It would probably help you to know a little bit about the book. It takes place in the ancient kingdom of Nubia. Kandake is the youngest daughter of King Amani. All she ever wanted was to be a Nubian warrior, but her grandmother has chosen her to be the next ruler of Nubia. The story is about her struggle between her grandmother’s choice and her desire.

Follow this blog to keep tabs on the poll to name the book and find out what I decide, with your help of course.

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