Friday, May 13, 2011

Hard Work Ahead

399px-WeeSpoonI have begun the process of getting my book ready for publication. I’m taking a long slow walk back through the manuscript to make sure it is all that it can be. At the same time, I am searching for a designer for the cover and a formatter for the text.

You wouldn’t believe how many artists are out there. I’m talking about the ones with a reputation for good work. Sheesh! I have gone to countless websites and searched through portfolios looking for a style and passion that I want for the cover. There are so many choices. I have settled on one whose work has the feel I’m looking for.

The model I have chosen for the cover is a beautiful and brilliant young teen whose eagerness and determination totally embodies my main character. Because she is a minor I will not release her name until the project is closer to completion.

Now on to the costuming. I am scouring the internet and history books for just the right garment. I want to choose/create several so that I have sufficient options for the photo shoot. Once that is done, I’ll have to coordinate the schedules of the model and her mother, the photographer, and myself to set a date for the photos.

Then it’s on to the formatter and planning school visits and appearances. Oh My Gosh! There’s so much to do. That brings me to the tie-in of the picture. This is a Wee Spoon. The Wee of Africa award this spoon to a very industrious woman in honor of her hard work. By the time I get everything done, I will have earned my own spoon!

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