Wednesday, April 20, 2011

To Write or Not to Write, There is no Question

desert TreeThis picture reminds me of my journey to become a published author. I work to improve my craft. I get good ideas. I paint their picture in words. Then with the help of my critique group, I revise and revise until finally it’s ready to submit.

I search among the agents, whose numbers rival the stars, for the ones that seem a good match for the piece. I dredge up the confidence to send it out and then I wait. And wait. Until finally I hear from them and this is what they say, paraphrased of course.

I great story, but it’s not for me. I no longer represent this type of story. Wonderful characterization, great emotion, believable dialog, but… There is always a ‘but’. This piece would be better suited to someone else. I’m just not in love with the story. You deserve to be represented by someone who…

So there I stand in the desert of publication waiting for that final, refreshing drop of…I think this is great, I’d love to represent you and your work. One day it will come.

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