Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunrise on Easter

Sunrise with borderGood Morning! Sunrise and new days are rich with fresh starts and second chances. It’s Easter morning and there’s nothing that exemplifies this better than today. Tradition has us decked out in new clothes, big dinners with family, and the all-important egg hunt. All of this is followed by stuffing ourselves with great treats.

For me the best treats in the world are time with family and friends (especially grandchildren!) and quiet time for a good read. These usually do not happen at the same time. I find it difficult to laugh and tell wild stories and read all at once.

So today I get a second chance to spoil my grandchildren, again (their parents would say I never stopped the first one), another opportunity to appreciate the ones I love and those who love me, and more time to write more stories.

Enjoy your second chances. Happy Easter everyone!

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