Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Writing and Loving It

I love to write and the whole writing process; my process, anyway. I start with an idea. They come from anywhere. Most of the time ideas happen when I'm sitting and people-watching. It isn't what they say or do, it's what they don't do and don't say.

For instance, I was at the store and a mother in line with me was trying to tell her child "no" about some candy. She told the child "no" several times and each time the child tried to explain why the mom should buy it. After a bit, the mother became frustrated and said, "I said you can't have that. What about that can't you understand." The child asked again. Then the mom shouted, "What? You didn't understand me? I used English. What language do you speak? Chinese?" She turned to the rest of the people in line and asked if any of us spoke Chinese."

After nearly choking to death on smothered laughter, I got an idea. The story idea that came from it was about a teen who suddenly speaks a strange language and can no longer understand English.

Having the storyline build in my head was awesome. Letting the characters unfold literally feels good in my mind. The best part is watching it take form on paper. I love it!

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