Monday, June 21, 2010

New Things

Yesterday I saw something brand new: Synchronized Treatmilling! First, I never new such a thing existed. Second, it happened at church, and third, it was a hoot and very clever.

Because yesterday was Father's Day our church celebrated with what they called ManDate. The campus was turned into an amusement park. There was rock climbing, motocross, four-wheeling (big trucks including a Hummer), hatchet throwing, bands, and meat - BBQ. There was more, but I can't remember it all. It was kicked of with the synched treadmilling. I wish I had brought a camera. By the time I remembered that my digital recorded video, it was over. I'll have to ask around to see if anyone recorded it.

It inspired lots of book ideas. I'm not quite sure how to put them together yet, but I have written them down. Later I'll sort through them and see which ones are viable, but I know something's there.

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