Thursday, January 21, 2010


I am completely exhausted. I have decided to enter a YA manuscript contest. Reading all of the rules (every word), making sure I understand each guideline, and putting together the submission packet has left me completely wrung out. And I still have the pitch and the author's bio to do. Who would have thought that this would be such hard work? Certainly not me.

I remember what it was like preparing, every night, for my comprehensive exams to proceed from master's level to doctoral. I feel exactly like that! Like then, the information is not new, nor is it anything I haven't done before. It's the emotional impact. Hooley-looley, this is draining.

My brain is numb. I can't think clearly enough to put together decent sentences, hence, the run-ons that are written here. I have decided to give myself a break from it all. I'm going to play solitaire until my mind has detangled enough to follow one thought to the next.

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