Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Routine

Okay, so here I go. I've put together a new writing routine and hopefully I will get much more done. The old one was not challenging enough and left too many gaps for me to slip through. Now let's see how much this one helps.

I have neglected to do this for myself in the past because with my work schedule I had to squeeze it in whereever I could. It was not only a time factor, but one of energy and space in my brain. Being a psychologist I would often come home with so much buzzing around in my head ,I just needed to do something that would numb it. Now that I've retired, that is no longer the case. These days I have to remind myself that I have the energy and space to get it done, and tell mysel to go to it.

It's amazing to me that since I enjoy writing so much I would have to remind myself to get more done. I really do love writing. My brain feels differently when I'm doing it, literally. I think it has something to do with right brain vs left brain and may involve some level of endorphins. I wonder if this happens for others, too.

Do you notice a difference between writing and doing some other task? Let me know.

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