Friday, October 14, 2011

Fridays R 4 Fun

dragon airToday I’d like to share images of something that inspires me. It’s totally funny to me because they don’t exist. Yet, when I see images of them or figurines I am completely awestruck.
dragon gold Imagine raising one from an egg and having it has your pet.  dragon flame Or discovering its secret lair. 
What if you came across one while you were out for a walk. There is was, looking down at you.dragon blue 
I’ve always thought sunset was a magical time. Some days I believe that if we could look directly into the sun, just as it sets, this is what we’ll seedragon fire
What if we really could mount the back of a dragon. Where would it take you? Could we take a ride among the stars? dragon space

Alas I fear the only dragon-siting I will ever experience is one like this, within the clouds. dragon cloud

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