Wednesday, October 12, 2011


mad catI AM CRANKY!!! You want to know what put me in this mood? I’ll tell you, but I have to warn you, it’s a long story. As I prepare to launch Princess Kandake my mind is spinning with questions threatening to undermine my confidence, but I am determined to move forward. The doubt comes from publishing industry’s propaganda.

The industry has promoted the belief that they are the only ones who are able to discern the quality of writing and if they don’t offer a contract the piece has no value. To make matters worse, writers, agents, and writing associations are swallowing this hogwash without question. And the worst of it is, not only are they swallowing it, they’re promoting it, too!

Every editor and editor’s assistant receives mountains of  writers’ scribblings. Some of it is not very good or at least not ready for publication. Within that same pile there are many manuscripts that are good, but don’t have the earning potential the publisher is in need of, which has no bearing on the quality of the writing. What we are often told is: “This is very good, but we’re looking for a BIG book.” Or, “This is very good, but I’m not sure we know how to market it.”

Since these manuscripts are without contract, they are lumped together with the ‘not ready for publication’ group. As a result, many writers have taken it upon themselves to publish their own work and I have joined their ranks.

Just so you know…we publish ourselves because we believe in our work and know there is a market for it.

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