Wednesday, June 05, 2013

My Life is Crazy and Loving It!

full deskYep, I just added one more thing…as if my life wasn’t crazy enough. I recently accepted an opportunity to join a group of ‘Tween writers. Is that awesome or what!?!

Right now there are eleven of us. We’re hoping the group grows to about twenty. We’re calling ourselves Emblazoners. We’re blogging, cross promoting, supporting and encouraging each other, and there’s even an idea or two about a group anthology! I am super excited!

Oh yeah, I’m sure I needed to add one more thing, but how could I let this opportunity pass. I couldn't  I am now officially closed. I am not accepting another thing…well, at least not today.

So off I go to add content to our blog site. It launches July 10th. I’ll be sure to post the URL everywhere.
Oh, by the way, the authors I’m joining…their books are awesome!

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