Monday, January 16, 2012

Excited! Happy! Jazzed!

PrincessKandakeFINAL.jpg webMy book, PRINCESS KANDAKE, launches in less that two weeks! What a super moment in my life. The feeling is almost as good as getting a new grandchild – almost, but not quite!

I’ve been preparing for my book tour in CA. I’m putting together ‘touchables’ of things that I learned during the research for this book. Today I’m making kohl. that’s the heavy eyeliner you see in every movie where Egyptians are depicted. It’s main ingredient is frankincense.

Kohl was used for more than beauty and it was worn by men AND women. Kohl provided some protection from the suns glare, but mostly it prevented eye infection. Frankincense has an antibiotic quality and was used as the base for many of the ancient medicines and balms.

Tomorrow I’ll be making eye shadow. No medicinal attributions, the shadow’s sole purpose was beauty, but men wore that, too. The process is pretty cool. I get to grind actual gemstones!

Oh yeah, back to the book. It launches Feb 1st. But I’m letting all of you get a head-start. Just follow this link.

PS If you're in CA, I’ll be presenting at Cal-State Univ. San Bernardino on Feb 15 at noon in the Pfau Library and then on Feb16 at the Corona Library at 3:30pm. I hope I see you there.

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