Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Thoughts and Writing

I've been traveling across the US with my husband since the beginning of August. We're due home by the end of September and we're enjoying all of the in between. While we were in Charleston, NC we attended a jazz festival. The music was great from start to finish. As usual it began with the lesser known/beginning artists and moved up the chain of experience and fame to the headliners, Spyro Gyra. This group has been playing since the 1970's. That's over thirty years of experience and it definitely shows in their music.

I was blown away by their talent, composition, and showmanship. It started me thinking about my own writing and the career I hope to have. It all comes down to time; time spent learning the craft and practicing the craft.

When I question my success it leads me to important questions: What is the extent of my commitment? Am I doing all I can to grow and improve? What is my resistance to greater commitment? Am I willing to pour my all into my writing?

It would be easy to say, 'yes', but would that be the truth? Looking at the time I've spent writing while traveling I'd have to answer, 'no'. So what am I willing to do about that?

I think what I need to do is sort out what I'm willing to do and take a long hard look at what that means in terms of the success and goals I want to achieve. The concert was very helpful in bringing me to this place. I've been here before, but not with such clarity about who I am and where I need to go from here.

The first jazz group was good. I enjoyed their music and would listen to them again. The second performer was Euge Groove, a very talented young man possessing great showmanship. He included the audience in his performance, gave the listeners what they were hoping for. I would definitely buy his CD. The last group, Spyro Gyra, was beyond beyond. Their music took me on one journey after another. My emotions were slammed. Their sound had color and texture.

How does this relate to writing, more importantly, my writing? It was clear to me that each performer was in a particular stage of development. I would say that I'm almost to the level of the first group. Again they were good, but not great. Euge Groove can be compared to the up and coming writer with a few books out there on the shelves, but clearly working on their craft and getting better with each new work. And Spyro Gyra, they're at the pinnacle of what is possible to achieve.

Each has invested considerable time and energy to get where they are and will likely continue. What about me? Will I?

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