Thursday, September 16, 2010


Oh my goodness, the humidity is almost as bad as the toll booths. It never occurred to me how the country maintains its lovely green fields as we travel across the states. There are no sprinkler systems. Nor are there huge rigs spread across the hillsides keeping things green. IT'S THE HUMIDITY!

I have often complained to my friend in Iowa that her lawns are green without her having to do much of anything to keep them that way. In California I have to use lots of water if I want my lawn to stay lush and green. Not to mention the juggling act I have to keep up between the drought and the home-owners association. The water company says to stop watering because of the shortage and the association says we have an obligation to keep the grass green and attractive. It's crazy making.

If we lived in any of the states we've visited, we wouldn't have that problem. The water for their lawns comes right out of the air. That brings me right back to the problem of humidity.

How on earth do the people here make it. It's hot, sticky, and I feel like I'm going to drown with every breath. What makes it worse is that when you walk through open markets or the entrances to shops they have misters spraying the air with even more water. What is that about?

I get that they're trying to make it cooler, but it only increases the water content of the air. Sometimes I have to go into a shop just to be able to breathe. I feel like I should get a rebreather just to make it down the street. There must be a trick to breathing here. I haven't figured out, yet. Maybe I should ask somebody. I wonder if they have gills, or maybe there's some other secret they're not telling me about.

Oh, well, I heading back toward the desert, now. It's hot there too, but at least I'm not in danger of drowning.

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