Monday, March 15, 2010

It's Almost Time

Friday's acomin'. I can't wait for it to get here. I've washed all of my laundry, set out the suitcases, and double checked the passports. Tuesday I'll start packing everything. I have checked and doubled checked to make sure I have all of the necessary electrical cords. I have the one for my phone, and one for my camera, and one for the earpiece to my phone, one for my toothbrush, and the one for my computer. Now I'm trying to decide if I should take my video camera. At this rate I'm going to be so loaded down with cords and equipment that there will be no room for clothes; and I need to save room for my books, too. I can't leave the books, a good read is a must. My husband even picked out a brand new su doku book to work on.

I talked to my friend who's joining us from New Jersey. She's looking forward to some pleasant weather. It stopped snowing there, but now it's raining. I can't complain about the weather, here in So California it's warming up nicely. Soon there will be no need for sweaters.

I've been writing and and working on a MG and a YA, trying to keep busy and not think about the contest. But it slips in now and then. I wonder how my excerpt is doing in the standings. I hope it's compelling enough. I really want to go the distance. The grand prize is calling my name. I'll find out if I made the cut next week. Please keep all of your body parts crossed for me.

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