Friday, February 12, 2010


Today I'm sitting in front of my computer deciding how to write a particular action sequence. It's a part of my stories that I love the most. I like the pace of it. I like orchestrating the fight, battle, or attack. It gives me a thrill that nothing else seems to. My critique members enjoy those parts of my manuscripts, but I'm often asked why I have a flair for action rather than romance.

I'm not really sure. It's the same with what I enjoy reading or the movies I prefer. I'm pretty sure it's not the blood or gore. I don't care that much for slasher movies or horror. I'd have to say it's the pace and power of the scene.

When I'm writing, I see every blow delivered and received. I hear the scuffle and struggle of clothing, bodies hitting the ground, the grunts and groans of the combatants. I watch the placement of the characters' bodies and feet. I experience the aftermath of both sides. This a part of the book that comes alive for me. Not that I don't enjoy the other bits, like scene or character building, because I love those too. I just get really involved in the sequence and effect of the action. All of that movement going on in my head is invigorating.

What's your favorite part?

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