Thursday, September 24, 2009


Yesterday I mailed two manuscripts to two of the invitations I got this summer. I have no idea how they will be received, but they are out there. There are times that I procrastinate sending out my work because I don't always know if it is the right person to send it to.

I do the research before hand or like in this case someone asks for that piece. You would think that that might give me an edge. Not. By the time the work gets read, the company could have decided that they already have enough of this type. Or, their focus has changed and they are no longer looking for that kind of story. It is such a crap-shoot.

Well it really doesn't matter because I'm bitten by the writing bug and I will never stop. One day I will land the right piece with the right person. I hope the day that happens I'm in a well carpeted area because I'm sure I'll faint and fall flat on my face. But it's worth the risk.

So now I work on the next thing. Gotta keep that writing fix going.

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