Monday, August 06, 2007

Hi All. I've been away for a while. Life just got super busy, so busy that it is interfering with my writing. But the important thing is that I'm back.

I've been working on that YA action/adventure I spoke of in my last post. Something amazing has happened. My writing has taken a turn for the much better. I can't even tell you why. It seems like something has gelled in my brain. I think about writing my stories in different ways. I can see what's wrong with things as they come off my fingertips.

For instance, I just started the next chapter and before I could finish the page, I realized that there was no internal reaction to what the protagonist had just overheard. Normally, it would have taken comments from my critique group to point that out to me. Imagine, I saw it myself, wahoo! I'm even able to see where description is needed.

While on the one hand these are things that are not new to me, and certainly not to others, I am now seeing what all the writing books are saying. How to apply what they mean.

But all of this is a little frightening. Can I keep this up? Will I somehow forget how to apply what I've learned? I sure hope not.

I keep thinking that if I keep putting all I am learning into practice, it will become concretized in my mind and flow from my fingers. Until then I will focus on remembering the lessons learned and apply them at every opportunity.

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