Sunday, August 12, 2007

It always amazes me the things I think. Somehow I got the idea that if I improved in my writing skills the first draft would do. What a Maroon, as Bugs would say. I am learning so much about myself and my own arrogance.

I am grateful for the members of my critique group who encourage me, yet keep me in touch with reality. I am finding that I have talent, but as in anything else, that talent must be developed.

The coolest thing though (I know...they don't say cool anymore) is that I am able to learn and move beyond these unbelievable assumptions. My latest lesson is that we all doubt ourselves. A woman , whom I believe is extremely gifted and talented as a writer has questions about her abilities. It brought me back to earth. The truly good are always seeking to improve, learn more, develop their talent.

This is an area of discipline that is difficult for me. I am constantly having these heart-to-heart talks with myself about taking my dream seriously and putting in the work that will get me there.

Part of that discipline is attending seminars, conferences, and retreats. If this is really what I want then I have to set aside the time and the money to participate in these on a regular basis. It also means stepping outside my place of comfort by willingly taking chances and giving up invisibility. WOW! Scary.


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