Wednesday, September 04, 2013

New Birth

Whenever a family is expecting a new member, the parents struggle to find the perfect name. The birth of a new novel is no different. The newest member of the PRINCESS KANDAKE family needs a name.

As with many new babies, the parents ask family members for their suggestions and ideas about naming this precious one. As the parent of the PRINCESS KANDAKE series I am following that same path. I am asking for all of the members of the PRINCESS KANDAKE family to contribute. Here is what the newest member looks like:

Princess Kandake, youngest child of King Amani and heir to the throne of Nubia, has determined to continue her warrior training, but that is not the only thing that complicates her 14 year old life. 
When the king receives a dispatch from Pharaoh Nakhtnebef of Egypt, Kandake is sent to find out why the pharaoh would need Nubia’s warriors to remain in that kingdom and why he has included a secret symbol within his message—help.
In Egypt Kandake discovers treachery and a poisoned pharaoh, the identity of the bandits that attacked their caravans, a Nubian orphan, and that she may be Sakhmet, the Egyptian goddess of war.
 Of course there is always a special gift for the family member that comes up with the perfect name. Besides the honor of naming the baby you will receive a huge mention in the acknowledgements of book #3, get an advanced peek of the book cover, and receive a signed copy of book #3 before it's release date of February 1, 2014!

In case you're wondering what the siblings are like, here's a free digital copy of the firstborn, PRINCESS KANDAKE: Warrior by Choice...Appointed to Rule. Use coupon code BH24M

Just list your suggestions in the comments. You have until September 29, 2013 to list as many ideas as you can! The baby is waiting...

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