Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Man Am I Tired!

chimp_taking_a_napThe past few days I have been working terribly hard. If you were to measure my progress by the number of pages added to my WIP you would see zip, zero, nada! I haven’t added one page! But I’ve been working  harder than a 3-legged mule.

I’ve attended several webinars on marketing, on promotion, and on website maintenance. I’ve updated the information and sent emails to prospective students of my creative writing course for kids.  I’ve researched and deleted 718 bogus subscribers to my website newsletter, repaired the Facebook follow button on my website, and written the draft to my next blog post. Now I’m critiquing a fellow writer’s work.

My brain hurts! I’ve done so much and I still haven’t gotten any writing done.  There is so much to the business side of writing it’s a wonder anyone has time to write anymore. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I have got to create a schedule that helps me get all of this stuff done! Then when I’m rich and famous I can hire someone to do it for me.

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