Wednesday, January 09, 2013

There are Days!

Decision TreeThere are days…then there are days. Today is a day when I feel all alone as a writer. I have so many questions to ask, but there are precious few answers. There is so much to do and I have no idea of how to get it all done. I almost feel like quitting…almost.

I’m sitting at my computer wishing I knew how to remedy my latest website problem. If I can’t get it fixed I’m ready to trash to whole thing, but I’m sure I won’t. That’s just the frustration talking.

Marketing is another thing. How on earth can I do all of the things ‘they’ say to do (whoever ‘they’ are) and still have time to write, revise, and publish? Sheesh!!!

Now I’m getting mad, which is so much better than feeling overwhelmed. So what am I going to do with the energy that my anger is generating? DO IT MY WAY! WATCH ME!

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