Friday, December 07, 2012

Christmas is Upon Us

christmas wreath red door I’ve been busy shopping for my grandchildren’s presents. One of them asked us for a puppy! Yes, a real, live puppy. We did ask her parents to be sure it was okay.

If any of you have ever met my granddaughter, you know she is really good at making large, doe-eyes at her dad; an expression he can never resist. So, of course her parents said ‘yes’!

Well, my husband and I searched everywhere possible for this puppy. Of course, not just any puppy. It had to me small, cute, fluffy, and a girl. And here she is…all 1.2 lbs. of her!
Karmal 001
Karmal 002 My reading glasses are there to give you an idea of just how small she is!

Well, this put me in the Christmas spirit! So I decided to release book #2 early and here it is!
WeightCrownFINAL 200 X 300  Click the link Weight of the Crown

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