Monday, May 28, 2012

The United States: My Country

veteran with flag This is a day of remembering all who have fought for this country that I love. This is a day of remembering everything that this country is worth. Today I am reminded that there are those who love this country so much that they would die for it. I cannot thank them enough.

Men and women have given us the ultimate gift. They have given their lives protecting this land so that we can go about our daily business. We owe them and their families.

It is our duty to repay what we can. Part of that repayment is to vote at every opportunity. Part of that repayment is to not allow partisanship to divide us such that we destroy this great nation.

The United States of America is a great country! Yes, it has flaws, but there are so many things right with it! I will stand by it! Today I invite you to stand by it. I invite you to be willing to agree to disagree instead of destroying what so many have died to preserve.

We will always have differing opinions and that is what makes this country great! Thank you for remembering that with me.

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